‘Trinity the Tuck’ has launched a New Drag Contest ‘Love for the Arts’

Trinity the Tuck - Love for the Arts
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All Stars season four winner Drag Queen ‘Trinity the Tuck’ has launched a new digital drag competition, Love for the Arts, airing live on streaming service Twitch, featuring queens of different gender identities.

Nine drag performers will compete to win $5,000 sponsored by Twitch. Over ten weeks, the artists will go head-to-head in themed content creation categories and runway challenges that will push them to their creative limit, with fans voting in real-time for their favourite to stay.

Artists were selected in part by social media as Trinity and her team fielded over 500 applications, which they narrowed down to 30 and allowed followers to select the finalists, which they did through over 150,000 votes.

It’s an all-inclusive competition. So, all kinds of entertainers, whether drag king, assigned female at birth (AFAB), cis male who does drag, nonbinary,trans, it doesn’t matter, anyone can enter. Amid ongoing accusations against RuPaul that Drag Race is trans exclusive, this online show embrace performers of different gender identities from across the planet.


Trinity the Tuck - Love for the Arts


Fans will be able to watch Love of the Arts, on Twitch as episodes will air live on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm PT/7:30 pm ET. Also reruns will be available on Trinity’s Patreon account. After episodes air, fans will be able to vote on their favorite performer at TrinitytheTuck.com for two hours to select a winner.

Show will also feature guest judges like Isis King, Alaska, Adore Delano, Landon Cider, Shea Coulee, Peppermint and more!

Talking about the Show (Love for the Arts), ‘Trinity the Tuck’ told Out Magazine, “I’ve always used my platforms in season nine to help uplift local entertainers, wherever they are because I was a local entertainer for 14 years before I got on Drag Race. it’s super important that we use our platforms to uplift other people that are in our industry.”

She added, This is actually turned into a digital competition, we have a set cast of nine contestants from all over the world. We have people from South America, Central America, the UK and all over the US. They range from drag kings to AFAB, to trans, to other drag queens. They have to do different challenges each week that they have to produce themselves film themselves, edit themselves, and then submit.



Plus, they have to produce a runway look for themselves according to the theme, film that themselves, edit that film themselves, and send it in. We edit it all together for a show. So the first show is called “Lights, Camera, Drag.”

The challenge is based around them recreating an iconic clip from a movie and they have to play all the parts themselves. We’ve already it all together and when I tell you it’s going to be amazing! All of the contestants have like went above and beyond, it’s so good.


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