Meet Nitasha Biswas – India’s First Trans Queen

Nitasha Biswas - first indian trans queen
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Nitasha Biswas: From stylist to makeup artist to a model and a TV star

Nitasha Biswas, a transwoman from Kolkata, on 27 August 2017 was crowned the Miss TransQueen India and became India’s First Trans Queen.

Little About Miss TransQueen India

Miss TransQueen India is the first ever transgender beauty contest of the country. The aim of the beauty pageant is to empower and support transgender women. This contest is a platform for young, socially deprived transwomen to showcase their beauty, diversity, talent and intelligence. The competition was held in Gurugram, Haryana.

Nitasha Biswas has represented India at the international level also. she works as a model and also an activist for transgender rights. Recent changes in the law have made life a little easier for the Indian trans community, they still face widespread discrimination.



“The journey wasn’t easy; however, I always followed my dreams.”

Talking about her journey Nitasha revealed in an interview, “I knew about my sexuality from a young age. As a child, I used to feel that I am a woman trapped in a man’s body. I used to hang out with girls. I loved wearing my mother’s makeup and sarees.

I came from a strict family background I couldn’t open up as early as I would have wanted to. However, when I took the bold step to come out to my father, he initially didn’t support me and all my relatives abandoned me. I was so passionate about my dreams that I left my home and pursued a modeling course,” she added.

Nitasha had to go under a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to convert her body to female. Before becoming a professional model, she also worked as a stylist and a makeup artist.

Talking about pageant, she says, “It was an experience of a lifetime. I got to meet a lot of people from different regions sharing the same passion. We worked hard for about seven months to perfect our ramp walk, posture, diet management, etc,” and adds, “I will never forget the crowning moment. I went blank for a few seconds with the heaviness of the crown on my head. All the struggle that I went through flashed in front of my eyes.”

Nitasha Biswas - first indian trans queen
Taking about being a transwoman in India Nitasha said in a statement, “Being a transwoman in India, rejections are a part of our lives. We have faced and continue to face rejections from workplace, friends, family and whom we fall in love with. I believe, love has no gender and it is this positive attitude and confidence that I hold that lets me believe, I will find my soulmate who will embrace me regardless,”
Nitasha has traveled to Thailand and Australia to represent India in Miss International Queen and Miss Trans Australia 2019.
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