New Lesbian and Bi Dolls : by Famous Fashion Doll Brand ‘Bratz’

Lesbian and Bi Dolls
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In honor of pride month on June 23, Doll brand, Bratz just came out with two lesbian dolls. Nevra and Roxxi, their new Lesbian and Bi Dolls. While we can’t make any assumptions yet on whether these two are an official couple, But we have to admit they sure do look cute together.

Bratz dropped a few photos of Nevra and Roxxi on the social media Twitter and Instagram. In the photo, Nevra is featured wearing a Bisexual heart pin, and Roxxi has a lesbian wristband. and from the looks of it, in a close relationship with each other. 

In the second photo, Nevra has a kiss mark on her cheek which looks like it came from Roxxi. since Roxxi is wearing same shade of lipstick as kiss mark.

“Steppin’ out and coming out! Nevra & Roxxi are sharing their super stylin’ pride!” the doll company Bratz wrote. “Happy Pride Month from the whole Bratz Pack!”



The Bratz dolls rolled out during the early 2000s and were quickly loved by young girls from all over the world. But with Lesbian and Bi Dolls, Bratz has become more than being “the girls with a passion for fashion.”

Almost immediately after posting about Nevra and Roxxi, Bratz began to trend as fans replied with excitement.


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