Miss Gay America: Where Boys Are Boys and Female Impersonation is an Art

Miss Gay America
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Miss Gay America is a national pageant for female impersonators. Established in Nashville in 1972, This Pageant is the world’s first, longest running and most prestigious nationwide female impersonator (drag) competition.

Each October, Contestants from over one hundred city, state and regional preliminaries across the country compete for the Miss Gay America crown. Winners are often seen as the best in the industry Therefore they are frequently hired to entertain in a variety of venues, such as Las Vegas shows, cruise ships, and LGBT events.

Norma Kristie was crowned the first Miss Gay America in 1972. In 5 October 2019, Pattaya Hart, won Miss Gay America crown, and become the 49th titleholder. Lady Gaga on the 10th of September 2017, was crowned as the first Honorary Miss Gay America.

This pageant is unique in that it is the only national pageant that prohibits contestants from using female hormones. Or having undergone any feminizing plastic surgery, such as breast implants or liquid-silicone injections below the neck.

Miss Gay America

Pageant requirements

Contestants must be male, who live as men, at least twenty-one (21) years old. Can not have or be on any type hormone. Absolutely no breast implants, cosmetic or body enhancing implants below the neck or silicone injections (or any other similar type chemical product), excluding the face.

They should achieve a convincing feminine illusion solely through their own ingenuity, creativity, and resourcefulness. Bodily feminization via female hormones, breast implants, and injectable fillers such as liquid silicone is strictly forbidden. However plastic surgery and fillers above the neck are permitted.

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Pageant Competition

Pageant competition categories are Male Interview, Solo Talent, Evening Gown, On-Stage Interview, and Talent.

  • Male Interview – General Appearance, Personality, Ability to Communicate, Question and Answer.
  • Solo Talent – Choreography and Appearance – (physical Coordination, Stage Presence, Costuming), Quality (Lip-Sync, Live Vocal, and/or Other Entertainment), Entertainment Value.
  • Evening Gown – Suitability for Evening Gown, Suitability of Hairstyle, Presentation (Modeling Technique, Poise, Smile, Etc.), General Appearance (Make-Up, Shoes, Gown Condition, Accessories).
  • On-Stage Interview – Ability to communicate, Answer content.
  • Talent – Showmanship and Set Design, Choreography (Physical Coordination and Stage Presence (Including Dancers), Quality(Lip-Sync, Live Vocal, and/or Other Entertainment), Value of presentation as Entertainment.

Male interview in male attire is a key component of the pageant. Contestants are judged not only for their poise and articulateness but for their overall masculine presentation. Points may be deducted for feminine aspects such as overly plucked eyebrows or long fingernails.

Miss Gay America 2020

On the night of Saturday October 5 in St. Louis, New York City female impersonator entertainer Pattaya Hart was crowned Miss Gay America.

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