Lesbian Flag and Lesbian Symbol | Yes, There is a Pride Flag for Lesbians

lesbian flag
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A Pride Flag (such as lesbian Pride Flag) typically refers to any flag that represents a segment or part of the LGBT community. Pride Flags represent the LGBT movement as a whole with sexual orientations, gender identities, subcultures, and regional purposes.

The rainbow flag is the most widely used LGBT flag and LGBT symbol in general. It was first used in San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade 1978. It has been a symbol of the LGBT community since then. But is there a particular Flag for Lesbian community ? Answer is YES.

While some lesbians represent themselves by the rainbow flag, there is certainly a lesbian flag or flags to represent lesbian community, each with different meanings. In fact, there are lots of variations. These flags have evolved with time.

Most Widely-Used Lesbian Flag : Lipstick Lesbian Flag

There is no one official lesbian flag, but this one has become more common over the last decade. It is close to what we can call ‘an official flag’.


Lesbian flag
Lipstick Lesbian pride flag without Kiss


It consists of six shades of red and pink colors and a white bar in the center. The lipstick lesbian flag represents “homosexual women who exhibits a greater amount of feminine gender expression”. such as wear make-up, dresses or skirts, and having other characteristics associated with feminine women. Therefore some lesbian do not use this flag as it represents ‘lipstick’ or ‘femme’ lesbians.

Lipstick Lesbian Flag 2010 ( With Kiss )

It is the original version of Lipstick Lesbian Flag. It includes a bright red kiss in the corner. Created in 2010, it first featured a lipstick mark in its top left hand corner.

Lipstick mark in one corner and is flown to celebrate the subculture of Lipstick Lesbian, members of which stick to a ‘feminine’ image rather than taking a ‘butch’ one. Hence some lesbian some lesbian do not comfortable using this flag.

Some lesbians also oppose use of any flag revised from the lipstick original because its designer Natalie McCray reportedly wrote racist, biphobic and transphobic comments on a her blog. And some lesbians oppose the use of this flag because the pink colors and “lipstick lesbian” terminology don’t include butch lesbians.


Original Lipstick Lesbian flag
Original Lipstick Lesbian pride flag with Kiss 2010


Oldest Lesbian Flag : Labrys Lesbian Pride Flag 1999

One of the oldest lesbian flag, Labrys lesbian flag, dates back to 1999 and was in fact created by a cis man: gay graphic designer Sean Campbell. Yes by a Man.

The black upside down triangle featured in its center, a symbol lesbians were forced to wear by Nazis in World War II.

Inside the triangle is a ‘labrys’ – also known as a double-bladed battle axe – a symbol relating to lesbian feminism and strength.

It represented the strength and independence of women since the ancient civilization of Minoan Crete, and this symbol began being used by lesbians in the 1970s. In the 1970s labrys was adopted as a symbol of empowerment by the lesbian feminist community. Although the flag has not gained much traction in the lesbian community.


Labrys Lesbian Flag
Labrys Lesbian Pride Flag 1999


Most Recent Lesbian Flag : Lesbian Community Pride Flag

The lesbian community pride flag was introduced on social media in 2018. with five colours including a dark orange bar representing ‘gender nonconforming’.

The original version of this flag, created by Tumblr blogger Emily Gwen, had seven stripes representing ‘gender non-conformity’ (dark orange), ‘independence’ (orange), ‘community’ (light orange), ‘unique relationships to womanhood’ (white) , ‘serenity and peace’ (pink), ‘love and sex’ (dusty pink), and ‘femininity’ (dark rose).


lesbian community pride flag
Lesbian Community Pride Flag



You might not find many lesbian pride flags out at march, many lesbians only opt for rainbow flag.

Lesbian Symbol : Double Female Symbol

Double female symbol represents Lesbian women. This lesbian symbol crosses over two traditional female sex symbols.


lesbian symbol


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