10 Lesbian and Bi Superheroines in Comic Books We Should Know About

Lesbian and Bi Superheroines - batwoman aka Kate Kane
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Movies and TV are often little bit behind in terms of lgbt representation, But comic books continue to generate stories that empower lgbt community, make us feel visible. We can see many Lesbian and Bi Superheroines in Comic Books. This is our 10 best Lesbian and Bi Superheroines in comic books.

10. Batwoman ( Katherine ‘Kate’ Kane )

Batwoman need no introduction. But we all show know that She’s an open lesbian. Batwoman AKA Kate Kane is our first choice for lesbian superheroine. Now don’t get her confused with batgirl. 

In different comics there is a different version of Batgirl. Barbara Gordon (daughter of Commissioner Gordon), Stephanie Brown, and Cassandra Cain are Batgirl in different version. Barbara and Stephanie are both confirmed to be straight while Cassandra is said to be bi in comic books. However, they are not the one we were talking about.


Lesbian and Bi Superheroines - batwoman aka Kate Kane


We are talking about BATWOMAN AKA KATE KANE. She is the cousin of well known Bruce Wayne aka Batman. Her father is Bruce Wayne’s uncle on his mother’s side. Kate steps in as Batwoman to protect Gotham after Batman been missing for three years.

If you wanna know more about Kate Kane, you can read the detective comics rebirth run or watch the animated movie “Batman: Bad Blood”. Now there is a new show Batwoman on The CW network. Batwoman is played by Ruby Rose.

9. Wonder-woman ( Diana Prince ) (Bisexual)

While Steve Trevor is Wonder Woman’s main love interest, the iconic heroine is the first bisexual superheroine. In comics it is hinted that she is interested in women also. Though she has not dated women in the movie or in the comics. Wonder Woman’s sexuality is not acknowledged in movies/comics as much as it should be, but it is important that such an inspirational character is a member of our community.


Lesbian and Bi Superheroines - Wonder Woman

8. Valkyrie ( Brunnhilde ) (Bisexual)

She first appeared in the Marvel Comics The Avengers #83. Valkyrie was one of seven infant girls born when Odin’s lightening bolt struck the ground of Asgard. From a young age, she and her sisters were trained to become the protectors of Asgard. She is only one remaining after all the girls were killed by hela. We have seen in comic books that Valkyrie is Bisexual.


Lesbian and Bi Superheroines - Valkyrie

7. Miss America ( America Chavez )

The 18-year-old, lesbian Latina teen, who also goes by Miss America. She first appeared in the Marvel Comics Vengeance #1. She attends Sotomayor University, and between classes, she picks fights with evil aliens. Putting aside her extraordinary speed, strength and her ability to access portals,she is just a stars-and-stripes-jacket-wearing teenager who’s trying to figure things out.



6. Karma (Xi’an Coy Manh)

Karma (real name Xi’an Coy Manh) first appeared in Marvel Team-Up #100 and is confirmed lesbian in Mechanix #1.  She is mostly in association with The X-Men. Karma is a mutant endowed with the ability to seize control of another’s mind. 




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