Gay Underwear Ad: Christmas ad featuring two men kissing

Gay Underwear Ad
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Gay Underwear Ad: An Australia-based underwear company, Bonds, shared the ad on Instagram last week. Featuring Steve and Nick, a real life gay couple, starting their day off with cereal and a passionate kiss.

The post was captioned: “It’s the little moments that make the Christmas season so special”

Instagram became a battleground between LGBT+ and homophobic customers. The ad has gotten a lot of positive praise from many Instagram users, praising the brand for promoting ‘love is love’. While others are questioning the ad.

The conservative group ‘FamilyVoice Australia’ spokesman David d’Lima said in his negative statement,“Image of two men kissing passionately while sporting only their Bonds underwear is hardly the appropriate message at any time of the year and particularly not at Christmas.”


That special time which bonds faith and family should not be contaminated by businesses pushing explicit images into the marketplace. Many Australian families will no longer be comfortable purchasing from a company that displays a blatant disregard for the nativity season. said David d’Lima.

He goes on to say that Bonds should apologize and withdraw its current ad that cease to undermine family and faith, especially ahead of Christmas.

“We’re two adults showing their love for one another. It’s just a little smooch, really,” said one of the men in the Gay Underwear Ad, Nick. “The main issue is that the photo wouldn’t be causing as much controversy if it was a straight couple.”

Bonds doesn’t seem too bothered by any negative responses. Emily Small, general manager of the Bonds parent company said,“We are a brand that celebrates all Australians and we wish the couple featured in our social post along with everyone else an equally special and enjoyable festive season.”


Its not the first time that company posted gay ad on their Instagram. I hope it’s not the last either.


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