Ava Simões Representing Angola Won Miss Trans Star International 2019

Ava Simões Representing Angola Won Miss Trans Star International 2019
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Ava Simões representing Angola won Miss Trans Star International 2019 this year. Miss Trans Star International is a beauty pageant for transgender women. It is Europe’s largest beauty pageant for Transgender women. This pageant is held every year in Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain since 2010. This year Pageant was held on 14 December 2019.

At age 42, The Brazilian dentist Ava Simões, but representing Angola, won the Miss Trans Star International contest last week in Barcelona and was elected the most beautiful transsexual in the world. Ava had already been elected Miss Gay Brazil 2009.

Ava is a native of Brazil, But The title, however, was won representing Angola. She told The newspaper, “The contest works by invitation or registration. They invited me again this year, but there was already a representative from Brazil and so i was asked if I would like to come to Angola, since there is Portuguese spoken and the culture is so close to ours. I agreed on the spot.”

After winning the crown Ava celebrated in a Facebook post, “I still don’t have enough words to express so much emotion right now, but it certainly wouldn’t be possible without the support, care and effort of friends, staff and my family. Love you, this title is ours. Say no to transphobia. Yes, to all forms of being. I’m Ava Simões, Miss Angola 2019. Miss Trans Star International 2019.”


She will receive a tribute from the city hall when she will return to Recreio (MG), her hometown. To question of pronouns, She said it is not necessarily the biggest problem for her. She doesn’t care if they call her “he”. She is more concerned with respect, the end of prejudice and the appreciation of Trans people. About the tribute that will receive from the municipality, Ava commented:

“i know i will be greeted with a banner. I know it will say ‘son of the city’. No problem. I’ll use it anyway. I want my story to serve as an example. We can be anything we want. Dentist, actress, astronaut… Just want and fight. It was not easy for me, nor do I say it will be for the others. But it is possible.”

Ava says she was impressed with the contestants in the contest. There were 25 trans and what counts a lot is the life story of each, of difficulties, overcoming. All are winners. “Impressive stories, women who had to flee their countries by strict laws, women with a great professional background, women who fight for an ideal. Yes, we are women. Although the world still has a huge difficulty accepting this.

In addition to the title, Ava won as awards a diamond crown valued at $ 68,000 and another $ 22,000 in cash.


When asked about her intentions She said : “I want to show that we can do everything. I’m a dentist, I work at it, and I want to prove that we can be anything we want, every one. There are no limits when you really want something. My motto is to show new trans that they can do everything, ”She says. “Being miss is not being the most beautiful. It is to show your differential.”

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